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What are the replacement and reinstallation steps of the pattern conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-11-17 14:04:40
Whether it is to replace the pattern conveyor belt or reinstall the pattern conveyor belt on the new transmission device, United Press recommends the following steps.
1. Turn off the power supply, remove the protective cover and loosen the assembly bolt of the motor. The moving motor makes the pattern conveyor belt slack enough to remove the pattern conveyor belt without prying open. Do not pry off the pattern conveyor belt!
2. Take down the old pattern conveyor belt and check whether there is abnormal wear (a basic type of component failure). Polyester conveyor belt conveyor belt mechanical joint method: Generally refers to the use of belt buckle joint, this joint method is convenient and convenient, but also more economical, However, the joint efficiency is low and easy to damage,  which has a certain impact on the service life of the conveyor belt.PVC and PVG whole core flame retardant anti-static conveyor belt joints, generally 8 grade belt below the products are used in this joint method. Excessive wear and tear can mean problems with the design or maintenance of the transmission.
3, choose the right pattern conveyor belt replacement. All the conveyor belts of polyester conveyor belt must be connected into rings to be used. The common methods of general conveyor belt joints are mechanical joints, cold bonding joints, hot vulcanized joints, etc.
4. To clean the pattern conveyor belt and belt wheel, the cloth should be wiped with a little non-volatile liquid. It is not advisable to soak or use detergent to scrub the pattern conveyor belt; In order to remove oil and dirt, with sand or with sharp objects to scrape, obviously is not advisable. The pattern conveyor belt must be kept dry before installation and use.
5. Check whether the belt pulley has abnormal wear and linear symmetry. Linear symmetry of belt pulley is very important for the operation of pattern conveyor belt transmission device.
6. Check the rest of the transmission components, such as the symmetry of bearings and bushing, durability lubrication, etc. Nylon conveyor belt is widely used in agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises and transportation industry to transport all kinds of solid bulk and powder materials or pieces of goods, conveyor belt can be continuous, high efficiency, large Angle of transportation, conveyor belt operation safety, conveyor belt is simple to use, easy maintenance, low freight, Moreover, the transportation distance can be shortened, the project cost can be reduced,  and manpower and material resources can be saved.
7. Install a new pattern conveyor belt on the belt pulley. Do not pry or exert too much force.
8. Tighten the center distance of the transmission device until the tension measuring instrument measures the appropriate tension of the pattern conveyor belt. Retest the tension by turning the drive wheel several times by hand.
9. Tighten the assembly bolt of the motor (composition: head and screw) to correct the torque. Since any change in the center distance during the operation of the rotating device will lead to poor performance of the pattern conveyor belt, it is necessary to ensure that all parts of the rotating device are tightened.
10. Although the pattern conveyor belt no longer needs to adjust the tension, we still suggest starting the device and observing the performance of the pattern conveyor belt to see if there is abnormal vibration and listen carefully to see if there is abnormal noise. It is best to turn off the machine, check the bearing and motor, engine condition; It could be that the patterned belt is too tight, or the bearings are asymmetrical, It could be that the patterned belt is too tight, or the bearings are asymmetrical, or not properly lubricated.