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What are the reasons for the damage of belt conveyor belt covering glue

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Update time : 2022-12-21 09:12:49
What are the causes of rubber surface damage of belt conveyor? In the use of belt conveyor, the most common problems are: foreign body scratch, local foreign body damage, wear, perforation, etc.; So what are the causes of the damage to the rubber surface? Today we will understand the reasons for the damage of the rubber surface of the belt conveyor.
1. The gap between the material guide groove liner and the belt is inappropriate, resulting in abnormal wear, or foreign matter is embedded in the gap, resulting in abnormal wear or scratches;
2, the material flow rate at the guide groove is inconsistent with the speed of the belt conveyor, the drop is large, and the rubber surface wear is accelerated;
3. Roller damage, resulting in abnormal wear or scratches of the belt;
4. Illegal operation, welding slag scald during maintenance, and cleaner scratch, etc.;
5, tape slip, will also cause abnormal wear of tape.