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What are the measures of fire prevention and electrostatic prevention for high temperature conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-09-09 10:43:26
Most of the high temperature resistant conveyor belt is made of rubber or nylon material, so the high temperature resistant conveyor belt is easy to catch fire after encountering open fire. In the process of use, special attention should be paid to fire prevention and anti-static. The following is an analysis of the problem of high temperature resistant conveyor belt fire prevention and anti-static.
1. Flame retardant and high temperature resistant conveyor belt should be used under the mine. The non-metallic parts of conveyor belt idlers and the rubber material of adhesive roller must have flame retardant and antistatic property in accordance with the regulations.
2. Cables are often installed in the roadway and wellbore to facilitate lighting.
3. High temperature resistant conveyor belt must be installed on the roller anti-slip protection, coal pile protection and anti-deviation device, when the belt slip, unloading or running deviation, to be able to automatically stop running.
4. Install carbon monoxide sensor and smoke sensor under the roller, and the conveyor should set automatic sprinklers at every distance. When the sensor detects high temperature or smoke, it can automatically open the sprinkler valve and spray water on the conveyor belt to extinguish the fire.
5. Pedestrians shall not directly cross the conveyor belt. If the floating coal on the other side of the conveyor belt is to be cleaned, a bridge across the conveyor should be set where necessary.
6. The transmission of high temperature resistant conveyor belt should be driven by reducer, and the frequency conversion is used to start it.