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What are the characteristics of nylon conveyor

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Update time : 2022-09-06 20:10:33
What are the characteristics of nylon conveyor? Below we will share with customers, I hope our introduction can better help you.
With people's increasingly high requirements for food, high standards will rapidly promote the food production process to the era of production automation, product information and food packaging standardization. At present, the nylon production process has been highly automated, in which the food-grade conveyor belt plays a crucial role. Let's give you a brief introduction to nylon conveyor with what characteristics it.
1. Non-stick surface. In the process of kneading dough, it is usually necessary to knead and transport dough repeatedly. In this process, double-sided cloth conveyor belt can be used. The conveyor belt must meet the requirements of food grade, and it is not easy to stick when conveying dry and wet flour.
2. Oil resistant. Nylon contains a lot of grease in the process of processing, so PU conveyor belt needs to have good oil resistance, so that there will not be cracking, stratification, falling off in the production process.
PVC conveyor belt is also often used for nylon packaging and packaging transportation, because PVC conveyor belt is clean, sanitary, easy to clean, the price is more affordable.
The conveyor belt produced by our company can be customized according to the special requirements of customers. The processing cycle is short and the delivery speed is fast. Welcome to order.
Through us to introduce the nylon conveyor with what characteristics do you understand?