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What are the benefits of perforating the conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-07-06 16:05:30
Sometimes we will see that there are rows of small holes on some conveyor belts, why some customers require the conveyor belt to be punched. What does it do for these small holes? Let me introduce to you.
The role of conveyor belt punching:
1. Air suction function/embedding function: The top of the conveyor belt is punched, and the product can be better absorbed through the small hole when conveying the product, so that the product is not easy to fall.
2. Convenient drainage: Due to the particularity of some customers' products, such as food, vegetables, aquatic products, and meat, holes are made on the conveyor belt to quickly drain excess water, and only some simple cleaning and maintenance needs to be done afterwards. That's it, more convenient.
3. Easy to install accessories: Countersink holes are made on the conveyor belt. When installing the fixture, the bottom of the screw can be embedded in the countersunk hole. This will not affect the normal use of the belt after the fixture is installed.
 Conveyor belt punching is divided into two types:
1. A through hole is a hole that is completely opened from the front to the back.
2. Countersunk holes, that is, holes with a bottom surface, only have concave holes on one side, and do not penetrate the entire belt.