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There is a certain difference between the sidewall conveyor belt and the general conveyor belt.

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Update time : 2022-11-11 14:49:00
There is a certain difference between the side conveyor belt and the general conveyor belt, the general conveyor belt as long as the circular rolling form can be stored, but the side conveyor belt to consider the requirements of the side, so in the handling of the ordinary method is not feasible, today we mainly discuss is the side conveyor belt in the handling of the most efficient (meaning: Quick and agile) method. In order to bypass the drum, the edge of the conveyor belt is corrugated. The role of the diaphragm is to support the material, in order to achieve large Angle transportation, the use of T type TC type. Ring conveyor belt core is made of high-quality cotton or cotton interwoven canvas, generally 2-8 layers or nylon canvas (or polyester canvas) as a strong layer. The retaining conveyor belt is composed of three parts: base belt, retaining edge and diaphragm. The edge is used to prevent the material from slipping and scattering. In fact, there are a lot of handling methods, but should be looking for is a more correct handling method, that is, in the packaging environment, whether it is handling or storage or should be carried out is the basic conveyor belt protection role, if the use of Hu total when unloading and handling, the use of brute force, It is very easy to cause the damage of the stall side, the stall side conveyor belt damage the stall side, then the conveyor belt will be destroyed. The best way to handle the side conveyor belt is to lift, which is generally to use the crane in the process of handling. The best way to carry out this time is to ensure the balance by the way of lifting the crane. Therefore, the steel pipe with good quality or the shaft pipe passes through the center of the belt and roll, and then the hoisting method must pay attention to the steady lifting. To avoid the bad gear edge of the steel cable in the process of lifting, the main rely on is to ensure the balance, the force of the shaft rod rather than the main force direction on the conveyor belt. In the process of handling, try to do is not to roll the belt roll, a rolling word there are a lot of debris on the ground or is relatively hard things, for the conveyor belt caused by scratches, and in the rolling should be slow, do not lead to the rolling (make, make) conveyor belt roll loose.