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The structure, installation and adjustment of belt conveyor with large dip Angle wavy fender

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Update time : 2022-11-21 10:05:10
It is mainly composed of steel structure parts, roller group, roller group, driving device, belt pressing device, tensioning device, cleaner and wavy guard tape.
Steel structural parts: mainly including head frame, tail frame, middle frame, driving device frame, guide groove and head funnel, etc., the material is made of section steel or steel plate, after welding, can meet the strength requirements.
Drum group: can be divided into driving drum and tail tension drum these two kinds.
Idler set: It can be divided into five types: upper flat idler set, return idler set, concave arc idler set, buffer idler set and baffle idler set.
Driving device: by the motor, belt pulley, triangle belt, belt shield and reducer these components.
The belt pressing device is composed of a belt pressing wheel and a bracket of the belt pressing wheel, which is located at the changing slope of the belt conveyor.
Tension device: can meet the normal operation of the conveyor when the need of tension, mainly screw tension device.
Sweeper: It can be divided into two kinds: rolling type sweeper and empty section sweeper. The rolling type sweeper is generally installed in the head of the conveyor, and the empty section sweeper is generally installed in the tail of the conveyor.
Wavy guard tape: that is, conveyor belt, using waveform guard circular conveyor belt.
2. Installation of wavy guard belt conveyor
This section describes the installation sequence and installation precautions.
Installation sequence of large dip Angle belt conveyor: draw center line - install frame - install roller set and lower roller set - install driving device - install conveyor belt - install upper roller set - install pressure belt device, tensioning device - after tightening conveyor belt, install cleaner, guide groove and cover, etc.
Installation precautions:
(1) The installation of the pressure belt wheel should be symmetrical with the Central Line of the conveyor, and its axis should be perpendicular to the Central Line.
(2) The installation frame should be straight and stable, and the roller group, roller group and driving device should be able to operate flexibly after installation.
(3) Before installing the conveyor belt, the appearance inspection should be carried out first, the length of both sides should be measured, and the installation direction should be determined. After installation, it is necessary to tighten and balance the tension on both sides of the conveyor belt as far as possible.
(4) The pressure between the sealant plate and the rubber scraper and the conveyor belt should be appropriate, and a certain amount of adjustment should be left.
(5) When installing the drive device, check whether the reverse direction of the reducer is correct, the axis of the motor and the axis of the high-speed shaft of the reducer should be parallel to each other, and the size of the belt wheel should be aligned.
(6) In the installation process, the parts must be placed securely, and there can be no damage or injury to people.
3. Adjustment of belt conveyor with wavy fender
It is mainly to adjust three places, namely, the deviation of the conveyor belt, the tension force of the conveyor and the rubber plate of the air cleaner, and the vertical degree of the conveyor belt between the rollers should be less than 1.5% of the distance between the rollers.
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