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The structure composition of the telescopic belt conveyor 2

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Update time : 2022-12-05 09:47:57
Folding non-fixed parts:
Intermediate frame: It is a fast detachable bracket without bolt connection, which is composed of H-type bracket, steel pipe, flat roller, hook-type groove roller and "V" type roller, etc. It is the non-fixed part of the machine. The steel pipe can be used as the body of the disassembly, fixed on the steel pipe with the pin, which can be moved by a small hammer. The circular tooth groove of the brake on the hook, the roller is hung on the pin through the tooth groove, can move forward and backward, to adjust the position of the roller to control the belt deviation.
Feeding device and discharging device; The feeding device is installed in the back of the retracting device, from the steering to the material section, the material transported from the section is loaded to the material section, the material section is unloaded by a group of inclined rollers, the material section is directly tail, tail is composed of guide rail (Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ) and tail roller seat, one end of the guide rail is bolted on the support, and the front end of the other guide rail is bonded with the pin. In order to adapt to the unbalance of the bottom plate, the tail roller has the same structure and can be interchangeable with the roller in the belt storage device. The axis position of the tail roller can be adjusted by bolts to adjust the misalignment of the belt in the tail. The front end of the tail roller is provided with a coal scraping board, which can scrape off the crushed coal or pulverized coal on the surface of the drum and collect it in the mud tank with a special mud drawing board. It can reduce the impact of lump coal on the belt and improve the life of the belt.