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The scope of use of wire rope conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-10-27 13:55:57
For example, some coal mines use wire rope conveyor belts. We often find that sometimes in the process of using the steel wire rope conveyor belt, we occasionally find the phenomenon of slip in the operation of the steel wire rope conveyor belt. As a professional manufacturer of steel wire rope conveyor belt, we introduce in detail the reasons for the slip of the belt in operation and the solutions
1. The initial tension is too small. The belt away from the roller tension is not enough, causing the belt to slip. The solution is to adjust the tension device to increase the initial tension.
2. The friction between the driving roller and the conveyor belt is not enough, resulting in skid. The main reason is that there is water on the conveyor belt or the environment is wet. The solution is to add some pine powder to the roller. But do not use hands to add, but to use explosion-proof equipment to blow in, so as not to cause personal accidents.
3. The tail roller bearing is damaged and does not rotate or the upper and lower roller bearing is damaged and does not rotate too much. The reason for the damage is that the tail floats and sinks too much, and the damaged or rotating parts are not repaired and replaced in time, which increases the resistance and leads to skidding.
4. Starting too fast can also cause you to slip. At this point, you can start slowly. If the squirrel cage motor is used, it can be inched twice and then started, which can also effectively overcome the skidding phenomenon.
5. If the load of the conveyor belt is too large, it will slip even if it exceeds the capacity of the motor. At this point, the advantageous side of the slip is the protection of the motor. Otherwise the electric will burn out after long time use. But for surgery, it was a slip and fall accident.
Rubber conveyor belt belongs to the conveyor belt must be connected into a ring to use, so the quality of the conveyor belt joint directly affects the service life of the conveyor belt and the conveyor belt line can run smoothly. The common methods of conveyor belt joints are mechanical joints, cold bonding joints, hot vulcanized joints and so on.
Conveyor belt mechanical connection method: generally refers to the use of belt buckle connection, this connection method is convenient and economic, but the connection efficiency is low, easy to damage, has a certain impact on the service life of conveyor belt products. At the seams of PVC and PVG all-core flame retardant and anti-static conveyor belts, this seam method is generally used for belts of products below grade 8.
Conveyor belt cold adhesive head method: that is, the use of cold adhesive head joint. This connection mode is more efficient and economical than mechanical connection, and should have better connection effect. However, in practice, because the process conditions are difficult to master, and the quality of the adhesive has a great impact on the joint, so it is not very stable.
Conveyor belt hot vulcanized joint method: practice has proved that it is The most ideal joint method, which can not only ensure high efficiency of the joint, but also very stable, The joint life is also very long, easy to master. However, there are also some disadvantages such as process trouble, high cost and long connection time.
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