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The role of various idler accessories

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Update time : 2022-09-22 18:52:34
We have understood the type and use of white conveyor belt idlers, but do you know the specific role of each accessory in the idler? Here is to introduce the specific role of different roller accessories.
1. A good conveyor belt idler should be able to withstand a certain impact force, so as to support the normal operation of the idler. The part that can play such a role in the idler accessories is the idler stamping bearing seat.
2, one of the components that determine the service life of the roller - buffer roller, bearing is an important part of the roller, its quality can even play a decisive factor for the service life of the roller.
3. In order to achieve the effect of dustproof and waterproof, the sealing of roller is the key step. Sealing materials are generally divided into polyethylene and nylon two kinds. The price of polyethylene is relatively low. But its wear performance is relatively poor, the price of nylon is relatively higher, at the same time, its wear performance is improved than polyethylene.
4, roller accessories in the nylon roller shaft can be simply divided into two categories, one is cold drawn steel shaft, the other is the ladder shaft.
5. Rubber roller clamping spring is used to fix and string the roller, which is mainly made of spring steel.
6. For the fixing of the parts in the idler, the baffle ring is generally used. The baffle ring can effectively fix the parts on the shaft.
Conveyor belt idler accessories play an important role in the operation of idler can not be ignored, but also can bring different performance to the idler, the above mentioned various idler accessories we all understand?
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