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The role of supporting feet of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-22 10:04:38
Belt conveyor support foot plays a great role in the fixing of the conveyor, only when the conveyor support foot is selected, the conveyor can run safely. Choose the supporting foot with enough supporting capacity, can make the conveyor work twice the result with half the effort.
Conveyor support foot as the name suggests is to provide support to the conveyor, then some of its role and characteristics do you understand? The selection of conveyor support foot is very important, the biggest characteristic of the conveyor support foot is that its role can be adjusted to the height, to help the conveyor more suitable for the height of the work site transport materials. A screw hole is made in the middle of the support foot of the conveyor. The screw hole is used to adjust the length of the screw so as to adjust the height of the conveyor equipment, so as to make the conveyor operate more efficiently. That's how the support leg of the conveyor works.
Of course, the application field of conveyor support foot is very wide, in the production enterprise will often be used. For example, the conveyor chain plate in the production enterprise and some conveyor machines, these will be commonly used to it. Because the transmission equipment is constantly working, it stops for a short time. So when the conveying equipment work will produce amplitude, and these amplitude will affect the stability of the entire equipment, if there is no conveyor support foot, when the conveyor running large material will produce large amplitude, then it will cause the machine rollover. And with the conveyor support foot machine stability is not a problem. In this view, the conveyor support foot in some large equipment plays a stable role or indispensable, no matter what kind of transport aircraft can not lack it. Only the installation of the conveyor support foot can make the conveyor transport work, play a good result with half the effort.