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The main factors for selecting type of roller of pattern conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-08-28 16:25:02
In the process of rapid industrial development, the roller will be used in belt conveyor machinery. The main criterion for the selection of the roller in the conveyor belt is the diameter. It is very advantageous to choose the large-diameter drum for the pattern conveyor belt, and the large-diameter drum can increase the service life of the conveyor belt. However, after the large-diameter drum is selected, the size of the driving drum, the reduction ratio of the driving device and the quality of the reducer should be increased, so the cost will also increase. Which factors should be considered when selecting the roller:
1. The bending stress of the pattern conveyor belt is different when it bypasses the roller. The stress of the conveyor belt with different materials and thicknesses is different.
2. The frequency of bending of the decorative pattern conveyor belt is related to the number of bypassing rollers, the distance of transportation and the speed of transportation.
3. The conveyor belt and the roller surface are larger or average.
4. The allowable strength utilization rate of the pattern conveyor belt is the percentage of the greater tension of the transmission belt and the allowable tension of the belt.
5. Installation location and use of belt conveying machinery, the weight or operation speed required by the whole machine.
6. The roller glue and the deformation of the glue.
7. The first principle of determining the diameter of the drum is that when the tensile stress of the nylon conveyor belt becomes larger, the additional bending stress should be relatively reduced. On the contrary, when the tensile stress becomes smaller, a smaller diameter of the drum should be selected.
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