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The hot vulcanized joint of wire rope core conveyor belt is suitable for working condition

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Update time : 2022-12-09 17:07:17
Steel wire rope flat belt is made of hot vulcanization joint, steel wire rope lifting belt commonly used joint device to form a ring.
Wire rope core conveyor belt joint process flow
1. Build the joint platform. Because the joint length of the steel wire rope core conveyor belt is relatively long, enough space is needed to build the platform at both ends of the vulcanizing machine.
2. Draw lines according to the joint length, peel the wire rope, and use the wire rope wheel for wool treatment.
3. According to the joint requirements, cut the wire rope to the appropriate length, the primary lap is 50cm, the secondary lap is 100cm, etc.
Four, the steel wire rope and joint adhesive paste vulcanized slurry.
Five, the bottom layer is laid with a layer of vulcanized rubber material, and then the wire rope is arranged and covered with rubber.
6. Carry out heating, pressure, heat preservation and cooling, check the smoothness of the joint and cut the uneven edges, so that the joint process of the wire rope core conveyor belt is completed.