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The composition of the lifting belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-21 09:23:36
Belt conveyor is modern used to transport bulk granular materials or pieces of special mechanical equipment, with easy layout, operation is very flexible and so on.
General lifting oblique belt conveyor is mainly composed of transmission drum and three passive roller, belt, driving device and wire rope lifting device.
The driving device is the power part of the belt conveyor. The system is composed of a motor, a big or small gear, a drive shaft, a big or small belt pulley and a reducer mounted on the drive device rack. The drive drum is a smooth steel plate welded structure with roller bearings, which is the main component of power transmission. The conveyor belt operates by the friction between it and the drum.
The reversing drum is used to change the running direction of the conveyor belt or to increase the covering Angle between the conveyor belt and the driving drum. The reversing drum is a welded structure of smooth steel plate and adopts roller bearings, which are used for reversing 180 degrees, 90 degrees and less than 45 degrees respectively. The 180 reversing drum is generally used as a tail drum or a vertical tension drum; The ninety degree reversing drum is generally used as the reversing drum above the vertical tensioning device; Less than 45 degrees of reversing drum is generally used as a surface increase drum. The two ends of the inclined belt conveyor are passive rollers, and in the middle are active rollers, passive rollers and driving rollers.
In the commonly used idler shape, the shaft, bearing and bearing box are all assembled inside the steel pipe. Both ends of the shaft extend out of the steel pipe and are supported on the belt conveyor frame by supporting pieces. The belt covers the steel pipe for rolling transportation. The belt conveyor is composed of electric roller, passive roller and belt. It has the advantages of compact structure, wide application, safe operation and so on. It can replace the driving bamboo driven by the motor reducer. The two ends of the belt conveyor are the electric roller and the passive roller. The lower part is provided with a cleaner, which is mainly used to clean the materials adhering to the conveyor belt. In order to reduce the cost, some measures are adopted in the design of belt conveyor. It is used as a guardrail with a seam steel pipe to prevent the deviation of belt conveyor.