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The application of conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-09-01 19:33:16
We know that the ordinary conveyor belt will deteriorate rapidly in a high temperature environment. If the conveyor belt deteriorates, it will bring many safety risks and even need to replace the conveyor belt, which will greatly increase the cost. In this case, we need a conveyor belt to ensure the normal operation at high temperature without damage.
Even when conveying materials at high temperature, the conveyor belt can also resist the influence of high temperature burning. This conveyor belt is designed for minimum stretch at high temperature to ensure maximum conveyor belt strength and stability. Heat-resistant conveyor belts are generally made of synthetic fiber material compounds, which can maintain normal operation at high temperatures.
Conveyor belt can withstand the conveying process of high temperature materials. The requirements of the customer determine the materials used to make the conveyor belt. In general, PVC belt is the ideal choice for low heat application, but the conveyor belt under high temperature operation needs butyl rubber and EPDM rubber belt.
When the conveying bore reaches 700 degrees, a conveyor belt must be used. We CAN PROVIDE HIGH TEMPERATURE conveyor belts for conveying hot cement, hot glass, hot aluminum and other molten materials. Our special conveyor belt can withstand chemicals and acidity even in very high temperature environments. At the same time, the conveyor belt absorbs very little moisture, which can ensure that the hot cement will not be condensed into concrete in the production process. So this conveyor belt is very suitable for foundry and cement production facilities.
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