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The advantages and disadvantages of plane bending belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-11-28 11:36:54
In order to meet the different needs of the project for the belt conveyor, the belt conveyor has a great innovation in the layout form and structure. The horizontal turning long-distance conveyor can realize the bending of the general conveyor in the vertical plane, and at the same time realize the bending in the horizontal plane. One turning conveyor can replace 2 (or even more) general belt conveyors required by the project site. The system process design is simplified, and the number of transfer station and conveyor connecting and discharging equipment is reduced. Project cost and maintenance cost reduced. Horizontal turning long distance conveyor can well adapt to the belt length distance, high belt speed, large volume, high power development direction. When The nose and tail of the conveyor can not be connected in a straight line, a plane turning conveyor can be used, The advantages and disadvantages are as follows:
1. Advantages
(1) Plane bend belt conveyor can bypass buildings or unfavorable terrain, compared with the lap scheme can reduce the number of transfer stations and equipment, so that the power supply and control of the system is more centralized.
(2) Due to the cancellation of the height of the intermediate transfer, the plane turning belt conveyor can reduce the risk of material overflow or blockage, while reducing the dust and noise, but also reduce unnecessary energy consumption.
2. Disadvantages
(1) The curve section of a belt conveyor needs to tilt inward and increase the number of idlers. If the inner curve of the conveyor belt in the curve section is too high, the idlers will be installed inclinately, which requires high installation accuracy and is difficult to debug.
(2) In order to ensure that the conveyor belt does not run off under various working conditions, friction deflecting idlers need to be added to the curve section to force correction when running off, which will reduce the life of the conveyor belt.
(3) The roller and frame in the curve section need special design, and the cost per meter is slightly higher than that of the ordinary belt conveyor.
(4) Trestle civil engineering construction requirements are high.
Long distance belt conveyor operation, on the one hand to meet the needs of users, on the other hand can not affect the mine production, at the same time considering the conveyor itself maintenance, overhaul needs, long distance belt conveyor is not easy to start and stop frequently, long distance horizontal bend belt conveyor scheme can simplify management, reduce the number of equipment.
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