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Test method for conveyor belts

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Update time : 2022-11-02 19:00:31
1. Prevent fracture from the source, strengthen the quality control of coal conveyor belt, increase the decontamination equipment, remove impurities, reduce magazines and many pieces of coal, with coal in recent years
The improvement of quality i, the phenomenon of tearing conveyor belt due to impurities is greatly reduced;
2. Add fracture detection device, test the results in the shortest time, send out an alarm and stop the machine, because the belt tear is caused by a variety of factors, can not completely avoid the conveyor belt
Fracture, the most recent application of tear prevention devices and inspection devices are mainly tear inspection devices, generally located at the drop point, composed of sensors and controllers, sensors
Installed under the conveyor belt or beside the chute, the controller is installed on the side of the machine or indoors. When the debris tears the conveyor belt, the debris or materials that penetrate the conveyor belt squeeze the sensor,
The sensor sends a signal to the controller, and the controller sends an alarm signal and stops the machine. This kind of device has many forms and the principle is similar.
3. Strengthen the management of machinery and equipment, improve the inspection and inspection of conveyor belt, prevent the lining board and other sharp objects from falling off;
4. Improve the structure of belt conveyor, by reducing the drop point, increase the buffer equipment, fine material in advance of the bulk material, etc., reduce the impact,
Material deceleration, reduce the probability of magazine insertion into the conveyor belt;
5. Adopt the industrial conveyor belt that can detect tearing, add the sensor with closing ring to the product, the detector is installed in the easy tearing part, the detector is connected to the controller,
In normal operation, the sensor passes through the monitor, sends out a pulse, cuts off the sensor coil, the sensor passes through the detector, detects that it stops sending out a pulse,
After receiving, the controller will send out an alarm signal and stop the machine.
6. The tear resistant and heat resistant conveyor belt and the rubber wide belt that can be inspected are rarely used in ports, but used in some mines. The tear resistant conveyor belt is made of steel wire rope
In the longitudinal skeleton material, the transverse reinforcement is added into the belt body as the tear prevention layer. The structure of this layer is divided into two kinds: one is the hanging rubber mesh cloth; The other is the transverse rope,
The coating is made of high strength, high elasticity and good wear resistance. The strength level of the coating is different for different uses.
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