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Technical measures for safety of disassembly belt conveyor II

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Update time : 2022-12-12 09:28:53
When electrical oxidation is required, follow the following measures:
(1) The construction person in charge shall handle the approval form for electric oxidation operation, and the operation can only be carried out after the relevant personnel arrive at the site and the safety facilities are in place. This measure is attached to the review form.
(2) Before the construction, the ventilation department will send full-time tile inspectors to follow the construction.
(3) Full-time tile inspectors are responsible for gas monitoring before construction and during the whole construction process. Only when the gas concentration is lower than 0.5% and there is no local gas accumulation around 20m of construction sites, the use of electrooxygen welding is allowed.
(4) Before construction, the construction personnel shall carefully clean up flammable materials and sundries within 20m of the construction site.
(5) The person in charge of construction shall be responsible for installing at least 2 qualified fire extinguishers at the construction site, laying water pipes to the working site, fire barrels and other fire fighting equipment at the nearest distance.
(6) Before construction, carefully check the relevant equipment in construction to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.
(7) Site operators must have knowledge of fire safety and be skilled in using fire extinguishing equipment.
(8) The implementation of oxygen welding operators must be professionally trained, and licensed on the job.
(9) Before construction, a comprehensive inspection shall be carried out within a range of 50 meters before and after the construction site, and all floating objects and gravel shall be removed to ensure the safety of the work. No miscellaneous personnel are allowed to walk around the construction site.
(10) The wiring and dismantling work of the welding machine must be operated by a professional electrician. The shell and welders of the welding machine must be grounded, the cable and welding handle must be well insulated, and the welding ground wire shall not be connected to the wire rope, pipeline, belt conveyor, track and other special cables must be set up.
(11) Before the operation, flammable materials such as coal dust and wood chips must be removed from the operation site to prevent fire. During the operation, one person shall be arranged to sprinkle water to the welding slag drop point to ensure that the welding slag is extinguished in time.
(12) Within 10m around the construction site, non-combustible materials shall be used for effective protection of nearby cables, pipelines and other equipment and facilities according to the situation, and non-combustible materials shall be used to receive sparks under the construction site.
(13) Immediately withdraw welder, oxygen, acetylene and other items to the designated place on the ground after completion of construction.
(14) In the process of construction, if the gas concentration within 20 meters of the operation site is found to reach 0.5%, the construction operation must be stopped immediately, the cause shall be found out and handled, and the operation shall be confirmed as safe.
(15) The construction personnel should timely douse the Mars fire block generated during welding to prevent accidents.
(16) During the operation, flammable materials such as coal dust and wood chips must be removed from the operation site to prevent fire.
(17) Provide effective protection for nearby equipment during construction according to the situation.
(18) After the work is finished, spray the construction site with water again, and keep at least 60 minutes of supervision. After confirmation, report to the dispatcher before leaving the site.
9. The MG200/610 shearer shall power off the relevant power supply equipment before taking bolts, and assign special personnel to take care of it. After the operation is over, the responsible person in charge of the construction shall remove the site warning.
10, all personnel must wear a helmet, tie a hat strap, feet wear rubber shoes, involving high altitude operation personnel to find a fixed point to fix the safety rope and fasten the safety belt.
11. The operations not mentioned shall be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the Coal Mine Safety Regulations.
12, the safety officer is fully responsible for the whole process of the project, the site of the attendant on the post, the specific arrangement and command of the construction, the implementation of the provisions of the measures.
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