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Technical measures for safety of disassembly belt conveyor 1

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Update time : 2022-12-12 09:25:24
In the disassembly of the belt conveyor, the construction manager shall organize the personnel to carry out a comprehensive and serious inspection along the belt, withdraw all the tools on the belt or the objects affecting the belt operation, recover all the tools and remaining materials in the roadway and remove the construction site, clean up the debris on the site, and inform the control room. Work can be stopped only after qualified.
Preparation before construction:
1. Before construction, it is necessary to report to the dispatcher in the mine dispatching room and the monitor in the monitoring room. Construction can only be carried out with the permission of the dispatcher and the monitor; Report completion instructions to the monitor and dispatcher after construction.
2, before the construction, the person in charge of the construction must do a good job of safety precautions, all the construction personnel should carefully learn safety measures.
3. Before construction, the responsible person shall be responsible for all on-site personnel to sign and confirm the implementation form of this measure again.
4. The Safety Supervision Section is responsible for sending a safety officer to supervise the site, who is fully responsible for the safety work during the operation. If there is a safety hazard, he/she has the right to stop the operation and shall not leave the post before the end.
5. Before construction, all kinds of tools needed for disassembly should be placed in the designated place for disassembly, and their safety should be checked.
Construction safety measures:
1. In the process of construction, when safety risks are found in the operation site, the construction work must be stopped immediately, reliable measures must be taken, and the relevant leaders must be reported, and the unsafe factors can be completely eliminated before the work can continue.
2. The construction personnel should follow the command of the construction leader during the construction and exclude all possible hidden dangers before entering the operation site.
3. The person in charge of the construction shall handle the power outage procedures before the construction, and the person in charge of the construction shall assign a professional electrician to stop the power supply. Before the removal of the feed, starter, motor, cable and all electrical equipment, the upper power supply shall be cut off, and the warning sign "No power supply" shall be hung to prevent the false power supply, and the person shall be assigned to take care of the power supply. After the electrical equipment is removed, the person in charge of construction shall remove the alarm.
4. The shutdown and transmission of electrical equipment shall be operated by specially-assigned personnel, and shall be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the Shutdown and Transmission Regulations, the Coal Mine Safety Regulations and the Operation Regulations of Secret Agents.
5. All special personnel need to be professionally trained and certified to work.
6. Before the construction of each demolition operation, all things within the scope should be inspected, all floating objects and gravel should be removed to ensure the smooth safety passage, and no miscellaneous personnel are allowed to walk around the construction site.
7. It is strictly prohibited to damage and deform the equipment in the recovery process.
8. Electric oxidation safety measures
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