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Technical improvement of belt bearing device of large dip Angle belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-09 17:03:28
Wavy retaining belt conveyor (large dip Angle belt conveyor) is a continuous conveying equipment for bulk materials for general purposes. Because of the use of tape with wavy guard and diaphragm, it is especially suitable for large Angle conveying. The product is widely used in coal, food, building materials, chemical, hydropower and metallurgical industries and other sectors.
1. Improvement of bracket device
In the return section of the original wave-shaped flange big dip Angle conveyor, the parallel lower roller supporting belt of the ordinary fixed belt conveyor is adopted. The roller in use is easy to inlay with the skirt of the belt, and will damage the diaphragm when inlay is serious. Often the conveyor in use for a year or so, the damage of the tape has been quite serious, must be replaced, which brings great losses to the user in the economy.
In view of the above situation, we improved the return roller and replaced the parallel roller with a newly designed supporting device. The new type of support device is composed of two small rollers, nylon elastic ring belt and support. The bottom frame of the belt device is used to fix the two small rollers. The annular nylon belt is covered on the two small rollers, and the bracket is provided with a tensioning device, thus forming the belt device. The device is respectively installed under the two skirts of the guard tape to support the return section of the tape. Because the skirt does not directly contact the small roller, but with the nylon belt contact area is large, overcome the skirt embedded into the roller phenomenon.
The belt support device is a non-power device, the nylon belt operation is passive, by the action of friction, along with the movement of the wavy guard belt, and can always keep contact with the skirt. We have also developed a double bracket wheel for use with a bracket device. The structure of the compound belt pulley is composed of a large regulating wheel, a small regulating wheel, a fixed shaft and a bearing seat. The large regulating wheel and the small regulating wheel can rotate independently around the shaft respectively, which can overcome the skirt sliding phenomenon caused by the different stretch of the two sides of the tape caused by the uneven tension force of the left and right sides of the tail. Both ends of the fixed shaft of the double belt pulley are fixed by the bearing seat. When the belt is running, the belt support wheel rotates to reduce the friction damage of the belt, improve the service life of the skirt, and extend the service life of the whole wavy guard belt.
2. Use effects
The new wave retaining belt device in the return section of the conveyor has been used in the wave retaining belt conveyor of slag return system and has achieved good results. After 3 seasons of use, the tape has little wear and almost no damage, which is well received by users. The belt support device in the return section of the wave-shaped retaining belt conveyor has the advantages of reasonable design, good performance and simple daily maintenance. Using the device can extend the service life of the side tape 3-4 times, for users to save a lot of money.
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