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Stainless steel mesh chains need to be handled at 400 degrees

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Update time : 2022-08-09 14:21:09
Stainless steel mesh chain is an integral part of the daily use process of the mesh belt conveyor, so be careful when using, it will reduce the wear and change frequency of stainless steel mesh chain, so as to reduce the use cost. Now all industries have begun to develop, stainless steel mesh belt often appears in some specific circumstances of work, will be used in the stainless steel mesh chain 400 high temperature environment, then need to pay attention to what?
Stainless steel mesh chain has high temperature resistance, so in general high temperature, stainless steel mesh belt can be competent. But stainless steel mesh belt in the high temperature of 400 degrees Celsius work needs to pay attention to, otherwise it will affect the service life of stainless steel mesh belt. After reaching 400 degrees Celsius, the strength of the stainless steel mesh chain will increase with the temperature to achieve the loss, in the transport of heavier materials may occur fracture and other phenomena. If you do not pay attention, it will also make the wear of the stainless steel mesh belt aggravated, thereby shortening the service life of the stainless steel mesh chain.
Stainless steel mesh chain in 400 degrees environment need to deal with the work, we should carry out reasonable operation according to the instructions, if there are any questions, welcome to consult us in time.