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Stainless steel chain plate encountered the following problems to deal with

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Update time : 2022-08-09 10:12:54
Stainless steel chain plate encountered the following problems to deal with
Stainless steel chain plate as conveyor equipment is used in coal, grain, flour processing plants and other industries. The stainless steel chain plate can carry both bulk and bagged materials. Users install stainless steel chain plate often appear some conditions, some can not be solved in time to delay the smooth progress of the project, today Xiaobian will give you the specific situation to analyze:
Stainless steel chain skid is some common initial tension is too small, the conveyor belt leaves the roller tension is not enough to cause the conveyor belt skid. This situation generally occurs at the start of the solution is to adjust the tension device, increase the initial tension.
The friction between the driving drum and the conveyor belt is not enough to cause the skid. Most of the reason is that there is water on the conveyor belt or the environment is wet. The solution is to add some rosin on the roller. But we should pay attention not to add by hand, and the application of blast equipment to blow in, so as to avoid personal accidents.
The tail roller bearings are damaged and do not turn, or the bearings of the upper and lower idlers are damaged and do not turn too much. The reason for the damage is that the tail floats and sinks too much, and the damaged or inconvenient parts are not repaired in time, so that the resistance increases and the skid is caused. Starting too fast can also form a skid. In this case, you can start slowly. If the cage is used, it can be activated twice to overcome the skidding phenomenon.
Conveyor belt load is too large, too large electrical capacity will slip. The good thing about skidding is that it protects the electricity. Otherwise the electricity will burn out over time. But for operation, it is a skid accident. To overcome the phenomenon of conveyor belt slipping, it is necessary to find the cause of slipping before taking countermeasures.