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Several elements to extend the life of chain plate conveyor

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Update time : 2022-08-09 14:08:10
1. The conveying surface of chain plate conveyor is flat and smooth, the friction is small, and the transition between the materials in the conveying line is smooth. It can transport bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials, and also can transport suitcases and bags.
2, the chain plate has stainless steel and engineering plastics and other materials, a wide variety of specifications, Can be selected according to the conveying materials and process requirements, Can meet the needs of all walks of life.
3. Large conveying capacity and carrying large loads, such as for electric vehicles, motorcycles,  generators and other industries;
4, the transmission speed is accurate and stable, can be synchronized transmission.
5, chain plate conveyor can generally be directly washed with water or directly immersed in water. The equipment is easy to clean and can meet the hygienic requirements of food and beverage industry.
6. The equipment layout is active. Horizontal, tilt and turn delivery can be done in one line.