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Safety operation rules for belt telescopic conveyors

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Update time : 2022-07-19 15:46:11
Belt conveyor operator conditions
Should have the professional training ability to operate. To be familiar with the structure, performance, working principle of the belt conveyor and the principle and inspection test method of the integrated system of communication and control, will maintain the belt telescopic conveyor, can correctly deal with general faults.
Belt telescopic conveyor operation process
1, in the operation of the operator is strictly prohibited to take the belt conveyor, in the use of the belt conveyor is not allowed to transport equipment and heavy materials.
2. Check the intact condition and fastening condition of each component before operation, and confirm that there is no problem before formal operation.
3, the belt conveyor motor and switch within 20 meters near the wind gas concentration reaches 1.5%, must stop working. Cut off the power supply and evacuate personnel.
Safety operation rules for belt telescopic conveyors
Belt telescopic conveyor equipment maintenance
1, in the maintenance of the head unloading drum part, the machine needs to stop running.
2. When the belt conveyor is in operation, it is forbidden to clean up the nose, tail drum and its vicinity.
3, in the belt conveyor maintenance, troubleshooting or do other work, you must close the conveyor control switch, hang up a warning sign, and press the emergency stop button.
4. It is strictly forbidden to contact the conveyor belt directly with hands, feet and other parts of the body when handling the deviation of the conveyor belt.
5, often check the belt conveyor roadway fire and spray dust facilities, and keep intact.
Safety operation rules for belt telescopic conveyors
1, fixed conveyor should be installed on a fixed basis according to the specified installation method. Mobile conveyor before formal operation should be the wheel with triangular wood wedge or brake. In order to avoid walking in the work, there are more than one conveyor parallel operation, between the machine and the machine, between the machine and the wall should be one meter channel. 
Safety operation rules for belt telescopic conveyors
2, belt conveyor before use to check the running part, belt buckle and bearing device is normal, protective equipment is complete. The tension of the tape must be adjusted to the proper level before starting.
3. The belt conveyor should be started with no load. Material can be fed after normal operation. No feeding before driving. 4. When multiple conveyors are running in series, they should start sequentially from the discharge end. Sequential start. After all normal operation, can feed. 
5. Stop the machine for adjustment when the rubber belt is deviated during operation. Do not use it reluctantly,  So as not to increase the load of edging.
6. The working environment and material temperature shall not be higher than 50℃ and lower than -10℃.
7. Their big idea and passengers are not allowed on the conveyor belt.
8, before parking must stop feeding, such as belt storage material unloading can stop. 
9. The motor of the belt conveyor must be well insulated. The moving conveying cable should not be pulled or dragged indiscriminately. The motor should be grounded reliably. 
10. When the belt slips, it is strictly forbidden to pull the belt by hand to avoid accidents and main line accidents.
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