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Rubber conveyor belt use need attention to detail?

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Update time : 2022-10-26 17:02:20
Conveyor belt has been widely used in the material transportation industry, with large transport volume, material is not easy to leak, anti-slip and other advantages, welcomed by the majority of customers. The following details should be paid attention to when using the conveyor belt: 1. When using the conveyor belt, prevent folding and hard object pressure.
1. Use the conveyor belt with flange to prevent folding and hard object pressure.
2, the side conveyor belt tension should not be too large, should be used under the minimum tension.
3. When in use, if the conveyor belt slips or is stuck in the tension, the fault should be removed in time, the tension system should be adjusted, and the elastic device should remain flexible.
4. Do not deviate from the belt or the running snake in the conveying process, and adjust in time.
5, it is forbidden to use different quality tape.
6. Material transportation direction and material falling speed must be consistent with belt direction and speed.
7, start the empty machine, avoid motor overload, large Angle conveyor belt skid. All materials must be unloaded before the machine is stopped.
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