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Ring retaining conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-11-24 16:05:27
Retaining ring conveyor belt refers to the belt has been made into a jointless ring conveyor belt in the production process, and the strength of the core joint can reach 90% of the strength of the belt body. There is no obvious joint defect on the surface of the belt. Therefore, the transportation of the belt is balanced and the use of the belt is small. The core of the ring conveyor belt is made of high-quality cotton or cotton interwoven canvas, generally 2-6 layers or NN-200 nylon canvas (or polyester canvas) as the strong layer.
Guard edge ring conveyor belt is composed of three parts: base belt, guard edge and partition.
Base band: The frame material is poly-cotton impregnated rubber canvas (EP canvas, steel rope core) and transverse rigid reinforcement layer; By adding the transverse rigid reinforcing layer in the belt body, the collapsing problem of the conveyor belt with large size retaining edge is solved.
Retaining edge: according to the function of the retaining edge and the operation characteristics of the overall belt, measures were taken to increase the amount of glue in the retaining edge, and attach nylon cloth as the skeleton layer inside the retaining edge. It enhances the flexural resistance and tear resistance of the guard and improves the service life of the guard
Baffle plate: The mixing process of rubber material and fiber composite material makes the baffle strong, high hardness, enhanced impact resistance, and avoided deformation due to large force.
Bonding of base band, baffle and separator: The advanced technology of secondary synchronous low temperature continuous vulcanization is adopted to improve the bonding strength and avoid aging of base band due to multiple high temperature vulcanization.
Daily maintenance of the retaining conveyor belt in the process of use:
1, it is necessary to regularly maintain the conveying machinery. The normal operation of the conveyor has a great relationship with the service life of the conveyor belt
2. In low-lying areas where the ring conveyor belt is used to transport materials, more conveyor belt rollers should be added to prevent sagging.
3. In the place where the roller is placed, the hook should be added to fix the roller to prevent the roller from falling due to improper fixing.
4. The production of pull ring will be fixed around the trolley transporting materials, which will not prevent the front and back movement of the ring conveyor belt, and can effectively adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt.