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Precautions for using side conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-12-06 09:36:39
Wavy guard conveyor belt is also called skirt conveyor belt, which has two guards on both sides. The two guards are wavy, so it is named wavy guard conveyor belt. When transporting products, it is mainly to prevent material accumulation and slide. So what do we need to pay attention to when using the undulating side conveyor belt? What's the trick?
The use of undulating conveyor belt:
1, after purchase, do not use, do not put directly outside, put in a dry and ventilated place, pay attention to fire, moisture, especially in the finished product warehouse, can not appear Mars.
2. If the undulating guard conveyor belt is installed, the conveyor belt must be installed in the correct order, and the conveyor belt must not be installed in reverse. If the conveyor belt is installed in reverse, it will cause double wear and tear of the conveyor belt, greatly reduce the service life, and the material can not be completed.
3. It is usually necessary to check the retaining edge and partition of the conveyor belt of the wavy retaining edge. Especially after a long time of use, the retaining edge and partition will become loose.
4. The direction and blanking speed of conveying materials are consistent with the direction and speed of conveyor belt.
5, empty machine start, avoid motor overload, undulating guard conveyor belt slip. Remove all materials before shutdown.
6, the use of guard conveyor belt to prevent folding and hard material pressure, should be crimped for use and storage.
7. The tension of the undulating side conveyor belt should not be too large, and the tension should be small.
8. If the undulating conveyor belt slips or cannot be pulled, troubleshooting should be done in time and the tensioning system should be adjusted to keep the elastic device flexible.
9. In the conveying process, do not make the conveyor belt run off or snake. It should be adjusted in time.
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