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Practical method for enhancing the durability of electric roller of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-14 10:53:17
The driving drum of general belt conveyor is generally composed of independent motor, reducer and drum. This kind of driving structure has a large bearing range, but the body is heavy and occupies a large area. It is not suitable for the narrow space at the top of the coal blending trough. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, light weight and neat appearance, which can be applied to the narrow field working space, but because of the continuous reversing of multiple belt conveyor, different materials can be transferred respectively, and the volume is large, which determines that the driving mechanism of multiple equipment must have enough transportation performance, and can frequently reverse to meet the needs of field production operations.
The inner gear ring of the oil-filled electric roller reacts with the force on the gear shaft, causing the radial force on the half bearing of the roller. The other half shaft is deflecting due to gravity, and the two half shafts are connected only by the bolts of the motor and reducer. This structure determines its low bearing capacity and starting ability, and it is not suitable for the place where the top of the coal mixing tank has a relatively large throughput and frequent reversal. For example, the maximum power electric roller is matched in theory and practice, but in practice, it often operates under the rated load, and occasionally becomes overloaded due to inaccurate material operation. The diversity of materials determines the frequent commutation of the belt conveyor, and sometimes it needs to start and stop with load due to the full groove and other reasons. In this case, the connection bolt of the driving motor and deceleration mechanism is stressed frequently. It will reach the fatigue limit earlier, especially the torsional shock impact at the moment of starting and stopping is causing the shear of the bolt and the cracking of the motor housing and the roller bearing seat. In addition, the motor is immersed in oil, and the oil has been immersed and burned out because of the aging seal or poor maintenance quality at the output shaft. Secondly, from the principle of convenient maintenance, The electric roller is also necessary to be further strengthened, because the motor and deceleration mechanism are placed inside it, and there is a height difference from the ground. When there is an anomaly, it takes time to repair; The electric roller is changed from the original built-in to external, and the transmission capacity can be improved, the selection of external drive deceleration roller, it can play a small area, the appearance of neat characteristics, solve the motor due to oil leakage burned abnormal, and is conducive to maintenance and output function of large features, but the motor and the roller between the slider coupling mechanical connection brought by the shock can not be avoided, In order to solve this problem, it is better to use hydraulic coupling instead of hydraulic coupling. Because the coupling transmits power through the kinetic energy of the liquid in the working chamber, the pump wheel converts the mechanical energy of the motor into the kinetic energy of the liquid, and the turbine converts the kinetic energy into the mechanical energy of the drum. Because there is no mechanical connection between the pump wheel and the turbine, it can absorb torsional shock and impact to drive the smooth start of the drum, and has the function of overload protection. The use of hydraulic coupling makes the connection between the motor and the drum be changed from mechanical to soft connection, which can adapt to the operation characteristics of the belt conveyor with more times of reverse direction and frequent start and stop. The modified coupling can be selected according to the parameters of the motor power, speed, axle diameter and the axle diameter of the drum, so that the operation will be more stable and the failure rate will be reduced to zero.
The selection of electric rollers inside and outside the motor should pay attention to the working conditions such as conveyor capacity and start-stop frequency. The addition of a coupling can improve the effect of the reversible drive device, especially for the heavy-duty start, which can protect the motor. If the heavy duty cannot be realized, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately and start it after unloading, so as to prevent the temperature rise of the drum, oil leakage and other anomalies.
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