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Performance characteristics of belt repair agent for belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-29 10:02:22
First, performance characteristics of industrial rubber conveyor belt repair agent
Industrial rubber repair agent belongs to room temperature curing, solvent-free polyether adhesive type; With fast curing speed, simple operation, convenient use, good filling, non-toxic and tasteless, medium resistance, aging resistance, high bonding strength, high insulation strength characteristics; After curing, it has excellent toughness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, impact wear resistance and cavitation resistance.
Two, industrial rubber repair agent use
Used for rubber products core, steel core and ordinary conveyor belt longitudinal and transverse tear splicing repair, elastic joints;
Conveyor belt surface wear, defects, falling blocks, belt edge wear, belt surface perforation repair and joint sealing; Cable, rubber lining, tire, rubber impeller, rubber roller and other rubber products bonding, insulation sealing and repair; It can also be used for the preparation of rubber lining coating resistant to cavitation, cavitation, impact and abrasion.
Three, the use of industrial rubber repair agent
Surface treatment: clean, decontaminate, degrease and dry the raw material to be repaired. Glue repair: pour the curing agent B into the iron tin of the primary agent A group quickly stir evenly, A:B=2:1, and then pour to the place to be repaired and smooth. If the amount of use is small, you can use a small proportion first, and put the unused glue cap tightly in a cool and dry place. Curing: Normal temperature curing 2-4 hours can be used, 48 hours to reach maximum strength.