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Overview of mechanical belt breaking capture devices

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Update time : 2022-08-10 11:36:43
As the main conveying equipment of bulk and bulk materials, belt conveyor has been widely used in coal, cement, electric power, chemical industry, port and building materials and other industries. However, for the belt conveyor with large inclination Angle, once the belt breaking accident occurs, it will destroy the conveyor frame, damage the auxiliary equipment, block the transportation roadway, cause a long time to stop production and major economic losses, and even cause casualties, which is extremely serious damage. There are many reports of casualties both at home and abroad. One measure to avoid this kind of broken belt accident is to install effective broken belt catching device for belt conveyor.
The new series of broken belt capture devices produced by our company are specially designed for the safety protection of belt conveyors. When belt breaking accident occurs due to various reasons, the belt below the break can be captured by the whole section reliably, which can very effectively prevent the belt and material below the arresting device from sliding down a large area, avoid the further expansion of the belt breaking accident, prevent equipment damage, and ensure personal safety.