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Nylon conveyor belt common problems

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Update time : 2022-10-25 20:09:47
Nylon conveyor belt is a commonly used conveyor belt in daily transportation. Damage, scratches, tears and other conditions are inevitable. In order to ensure the delivery power and reduce the downtime, the convenient and quick cold repair method is the main choice.
In addition to the operation method, the conveyor belt repair material especially the cold adhesive water plays a crucial effect. What is the best glue for nylon conveyor belt adhesion when it is repaired by cold vulcanization?
Generally speaking, the conveyor belt damage condition is different, the repair method selected and the repair materials used are different.
Usually, RubberLoc liquid rubber, which is easy to operate, is used to correct scratches and damages on the conveyor belt surface.
During the field operation, the construction personnel need to use rubber knife to cut the damaged part "V-shaped", and use the Angle grinder to distribute the tungsten steel disc for grinding.
After grinding, the damaged parts are brushed with cleaning agent to wash the surface stains, and then a bottom coat is applied.
After mixing and stirring the liquid rubber and curing agent, it is altered in the damaged part and scraped flat with a scraper.
When the conveyor belt surface is torn, the cold vulcanized glue sk313 is used to distribute the belt repair strip to be semi-vulcanized layer for correction.
During field operation, it is also required that the construction personnel first polish the damaged part and use cleaning agent to wash away the surface oil pollution impurities.
The two-component glue after mixing and stirring is painted on the damaged part of the conveyor belt, and it is painted again after drying, and the bonding surface of the repair strip is painted with cold vulcanized glue.
When the glue slightly sticks to the back of the finger, the repair strip is attached to the damaged part, and the compaction roller is used to roll and press the damaged part.
Of course, if the damage degree is serious, the method of filling with liquid rubber and cold vulcanized glue and repair strip to fit the upper and lower layers of the conveyor belt can be selected for correction treatment. If the belt is broken, it needs to be processed again.