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Notes for use of electric roller of large dip Angle belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-11-30 16:44:33
Large dip Angle belt conveyor (hereinafter referred to as "large dip Angle") has the advantages of general belt conveyor simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, with large dip Angle (90 degrees vertical) transmission, compact structure, covers less and other characteristics, so it is the ideal equipment for large dip Angle (or vertical) transmission. Large dip Angle belt conveyor is widely used in coal, metallurgy, construction, food, chemical industry, electric power and other departments. Through years of unremitting efforts, large dip Angle belt conveyor lifting height (up to 203m), large conveying capacity (up to 6000t/h), in underground mining engineering, open-pit mining, large dump ship and other sides and have been used, and the first used in the domestic steel mill blast furnace feeding has produced good economic benefits.
Before the test run of large dip Angle belt conveyor, enough lubricating oil should be added in the electric roller according to the regulations.
1. Check the internal oil quantity of the drum before use. The oil quantity should be 2/5 of the diameter of the drum. Check whether the motor wiring is correct (note: the drum is oil-free when leaving the factory).
2. The roller must be started with no load.
3. After the first 300 hours of work, the roller will replace the lubricating oil (lubricating oil grade: oil-cooled type plus N46, oil-immersed type plus N32 turbine oil, N150 medium load industrial gear oil can also be used, which is equivalent to SAE90 car gear oil, this oil has a better lubrication effect on the gear), and then every 5000 hours for oil change and maintenance.
4. Check the oil level regularly and adjust the oil seal spring or replace the oil seal according to the sealing condition.
5. The electric drum electrical circuit should be installed with matching overload, phase loss and other protection devices, to avoid the circuit failure to burn out the motor, resulting in losses.
6. The ambient temperature of the electric drum should be -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the material should be less than 60 degrees Celsius, and the altitude should not exceed 1000 meters. If the working environment is beyond the above range, please contact the manufacturer for solution.