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Lifting belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-11-28 10:58:56
Lifting conveying machinery, also called lifting equipment, lift, elevator or elevator, is a kind of vertical reciprocating conveying machinery, is also a combination of horizontal conveyor and vertical conveyor transport device, is more advanced and efficient a kind of automation equipment.
Function characteristics of automatic lifting machinery equipment:
1. Automatic operation, and configuration of a variety of safety devices, so as to ensure the safety of goods;
2. The lifting cage can be used with the conveying equipment of the entrance and exit, so that the conveying process is completely automatic, and the operator does not have to enter the lifting equipment, which can fully ensure the personal safety of the operator;
3. According to the import and export direction of transportation can be divided into: Z type, C type, E type, materials can be from all directions in and out of the lifting equipment, convenient production workshop equipment layout;
4. Suitable for vertical conveying of large loads of materials, the load can reach 2000kg;
5. Goods can be transported between multiple floors to improve production efficiency;
6. The equipment adopts PLC program control, the main drive adopts the German SEW reducer brake motor, and is equipped with a special lift frequency converter, and special elevator guide rail, to ensure the stability of the goods in the process of running up and down;
7 lifting machinery can be divided into continuous and intermittent (reciprocating) two kinds
8. Performance parameters:
(1) Maximum load: < 2000Kg
(2) Types of materials: packing boxes, pallets, pallets
9. Planning, design and manufacturing according to customer requirements.
Automatic lifting machinery is widely used in household appliance manufacturing, lighting, food, beverage, tobacco, postal, chemical, mechanical electronics, warehousing logistics and other mass production industries.
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