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Large Angle fender belt conveyor maintenance and repair process

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Update time : 2022-12-28 10:48:14
The wavy guard belt conveyor is best to be repaired after a period of time, so what is the content and process of maintenance and repair? Now let's explain some:
According to the operation of large dip Angle belt conveyor and fault characteristics, determine the maintenance project and content, prepare spare parts.
Before maintenance, technical disclosure must be made to the inspection personnel. They should be familiar with the maintenance content, technical requirements and safety measures undertaken, so as to achieve clear division of labor and responsibility to the personnel.
Before maintenance, the preparation and inspection of tools, tools and lifting machines must be completed.
Maintenance items must be filled in the maintenance task book, the maintenance person and the process person in charge together at the maintenance site to check and verify item by item, make necessary marks.
The operator will stop the equipment according to the operation rules, meet the maintenance conditions, and then through the process technical person to check the power off and safety measures, confirm no error, can sign on the maintenance task book for maintenance.
a) The maintenance or replacement of the frame of the section steel should be the same as the original frame, welding must be firm, the middle frame joint in the left and right, the height of the offset should not exceed 1mm.
b) The allowable transverse deviation of the frame is 1/1000, the straightness is 0.5/1000, and the allowable deviation of the overlap between the longitudinal center line of the frame and the installation reference line is 3mm.
c) The spacing deviation of the middle frame shall not exceed 1.5mm, and the perpendicality of the legs of the middle frame to the horizontal plane shall be 3mm/m.
d) The frame shall not have cracks or deformation, the foundation shall be firm and reliable, and there shall be no abnormal vibration and movement when it is put into operation after maintenance.