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Key points of selection for smooth use of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-28 10:01:27
As the mine material usage continues to increase, the corresponding mining scale is increasing, in the production process to ensure the normal operation of the work under the premise of safety, then for the stable operation of the belt conveyor requirements are also very important, the following we will use the belt machine more stable operation to explain:
Belt conveyor is indispensable in mining: The transportation volume is large, the transmission distance is far, can be continuous transportation, can be automated remote control, so the conveyor equipment has a wide range of applications, but with the rapid improvement of the level of automation of science and technology, the increase in the number of mining, there is a higher demand for operation demand and efficiency, the production process has been invested in higher operation intensity of large dip distance belt conveyor machinery, The current maximum dip Angle can reach 50 degrees, but at the same time of increasing the dip Angle, the first need to pay special attention to the stability of the operation of the equipment, in addition to the configuration of efficient brake equipment, also need scientific and reasonable layout, in order to make the belt conveyor equipment more stable operation;
If the belt conveyor transport a large number of ore materials stop, there will be material attached to the skirt conveyor belt, the sliding force will make the whole machine reverse slide, which will occur abnormal accidents, avoid such problems need to be configured with reliable anti-reversing device, so as to ensure the stable operation of the large dip Angle belt machine, the premise of selection is to calculate the conveyor at the maximum working capacity of the moment of sliding torque, Such as considering the choice of compact structure, easy installation, etc., in addition, in the case of surplus space, the tail loading point to the front ten meters away from the installation Angle of this section of the tail frame and the middle frame is reduced to less than 30 degrees to set up, so that the installation Angle of the machine is less than the dynamic pouring Angle of the raw material, waiting for the loading material to be stable on the rubber belt and then into the operation condition of large dip Angle;
In order to avoid the problem of belt sliding during the operation of belt conveyor, the conveyor belt with high-strength flame-retardant wire rope core anti-tear can be selected to increase the friction resistance between the belt and the surface, and the belt body can be laid flat on the deep groove idlers, and the upper groove Angle of the misplacement idlers can be selected as 60 degrees, so as to increase the lateral extrusion pressure between the material and the wire rope conveyor belt and prevent the whole machine from spreading in use. According to the carrying capacity of the belt conveyor, appropriate loading mechanism should be selected, and then according to the situation of the site to use the hopper to choose the appropriate Angle, the chute design into a spoon type, the direction of blanking vertical to horizontal, so as to ensure that the delivery is more smooth, reduce the impact on the belt;
In addition, the appropriate frequency conversion soft start method is selected, closed protective devices are set up on the epithelial belt, which can prevent rolling due to excessive dip Angle. The closed scraper is placed in the middle of the belt to prevent materials from rolling to the tail. These are very important for the smooth operation of the conveyor. Reasonable protection of the tail can prevent sundries, stones caused by belt deviation, broken belt damage and other anomalies, we can completely close the tail;
Finally, the storage capacity is increased to reduce the frequent operation of the belt conveyor, avoid overload operation, strictly control the material moisture, eliminate water mixing in other production and transportation links, and repair the wear and tear of the belt pattern. Through technical analysis and field observation, the sliding speed of the large dip Angle belt conveyor increases due to the friction resistance between the material and the non-slip rubber conveyor belt during uniform operation. It will cause the wear and tear of the industrial rubber belt pattern. If it is not repaired in time, the rubber belt can not transfer materials. Therefore, professional rubber cold adhesive method should be used to repair it in time.
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