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Key points and analysis of installation technology of mine belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-19 09:44:34
1) Installation of belt conveyor head equipment:
Before mining, it is necessary to carry out necessary inspection on each equipment, check whether there is any obstacle in the deceleration device, injection device and other parts, detect the appearance of the motor, and check its circuit. Once all the equipment has been checked, the well can be run normally. When transported to a specific location, it must be installed as required and in order.
The first step is to restructure the various machines and equipment, and combine the various parts according to the assembly needs. On the basis of hoisting, it is installed into the I-beam, and the final job is found. In the process of finding positive, it is necessary to ensure the balance of the equipment, and operate in accordance with the requirements of the driving equipment, reduction device and motor.
According to the requirements of the drawings, the installation and alignment of the jack and other parts are carried out, and it is connected with the ground foot. Adjust the distance and tilt Angle between the deceleration device and the entire equipment Zhuzhou. When each coefficient is tested to meet the requirements, after reaching the standard, the grouting is carried out again. During the installation of the nose, it is necessary to ensure that it is completely consistent with the drawings, and record and collect information during construction.
2) Belt tail equipment installation:
Before the equipment is put into the well, check the appearance quality of each equipment and enter the well after confirmation. In the process of installation, it must be based on the drawings and information provided by the surveyor to carry out the actual operation. In the installation of the pad iron, we should pay attention to the selection of the position, and grind it. According to the construction requirements, it is connected with the I-beam, and the elevation is adjusted according to the actual situation. Finally, the thickness of the cushion iron is determined by reasonable calculation. Then complete the next part of the search. The tensioner supports the trolley to be assembled and hoisted to the track, then adjusts its position according to the design requirements, and is fixed with the steel wire rope and the hydraulic tension device.
3) In the process of installation of electrical equipment, it can be combined with its specific installation situation, the use of parallel crossing method for construction. During the installation of explosion-proof devices, the following requirements must be met: check the screws and other parts on the ground to detect whether they are tight. Check whether welding points and bulbs can work properly. Once a problem is found, the cause must be found and fixed in time.
Check whether the switch and transformer of the circuit system are peaceful, and whether the trip phenomenon occurs within the controllable range. According to the actual situation, the current value is adjusted. After the installation, the resistance and switch must be tested. If the working environment is 20℃ and the humidity is 50%~70%, the resistance should be at least 10 Mω. If it is not greater than this value, it must be dried.
The installation of low-voltage distribution equipment and control system must meet the following requirements: The wiring of the secondary loop must be constructed in strict accordance with the drawings, and the wiring is correct: The wires and components must be connected by bolts or welding to ensure that the connecting parts are secure and usable. The connection between the cell and the wire should be marked with the correct number to ensure that the number is clear and will not fade and affect the later use. The insulated part of the wire should be strengthened to prevent damage.
4) When the belt head machinery and tail mechanical equipment and intermediate frame are installed, the belt vulcanization and distribution are carried out.
5) The specific operation process is as follows:
First of all, the belt should be relaxed and unrolled, the belt should be firmly fixed on a specific position by the pull device, and the dispatch of the winch is tied to the fixed device. The dispatch of the winch used in this part is 55kW. Then the belt is passed through the drum by the winch. This part of the winch is scheduled to be 40kW, and then placed on the bracket for the subsequent traction work. When the work is completed, the belt should be placed on the vulcanizer, not to open. First, the whole belt will be fixed and pulled tight, so that it will not slide and other phenomena affect the use effect.
Then remove the tool. The other roll of belt is unrolled in the same way, and then it is not displayed after the position is fixed. The winch is used for power failure treatment. The winch dispatch used in this part is 55kW. That is, the skins used must be vulcanized. Furthermore, during the whole operation, the 40kW winch is always in working bagging position to ensure that the leather head is fixed when passing through the bracket. Equipped with special construction personnel to follow the whole development process, real-time observation of belt status, if there is any problem, must stop for inspection, find out the problem and solve.
Finally, when the belt reaches the nose, it puts the car in tension while driving the tail. At the same time, ensure that the position and state of the belt is fixed to prevent accidents.
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