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It is very important to choose the right conveyor belt for the belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-07-28 17:43:24
With the promotion and application of belt conveyor belt, its users are widely used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, hydropower, chemical industry and other occupations, which are inseparable from belt conveyor. You know, a good equipment, inseparable from every performance, quality and service life of the good parts, about the belt conveyor, the same is true. Obviously, for the normal use of belt conveyor belt, the transport belt is certainly a crucial component and cannot be ignored.
1. Select the appropriate conveyor belt type
Belt conveyor belt type demand according to the materials needed to be transported by the belt conveyor, the amount of transport, the application environment and other factors, the selection of good belt conveyor equipment, needs to first clear the needs of the belt type. At this stage, the ordinary conveyor belt is generally made of rubber, fiber and metal composite products. Generally, there will be different types of conveyor belts for selection in different application environments, which is more humanized. The belt conveyor used in the cold environment can select the cold-resistant conveyor belt, which can generally be satisfied with the operation environment within -55℃; If you need to use it in a high temperature environment, you can choose a heat-resistant conveyor belt. It uses special rubber as the cover data, can accept the temperature of transporting material up to 800℃; If you need to transport corrosive materials, you can also supply acid and alkali resistant transport belt and oil resistant transport belt. In general, there are many kinds of conveyor belt. Before choosing the conveyor belt, we can understand the characteristics of the conveyor belt, and then help to select the conveyor belt that can satisfy the needs of the belt conveyor.
2, the role of the conveyor belt
Belt conveyor belt equipment transport is made up of friction data in a continuous way. In the operation of equipment, the intention to transport materials is inseparable from the conveyor belt, which can only go through the conveyor belt data conveyor belt to complete the whole operation process. It is conceivable that the transport belt is the soul of the belt conveyor belt. The conveyor belt with good quality and high quality can improve the operation of belt conveyor equipment and create higher benefits for users.