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Introduction to rope switch of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-05 09:54:31
I. Product introduction
Belt conveyor pull rope switch, also known as pull wire switch, used for emergency or normal shutdown, mainly used in: conventional belt conveyor, shuttle conveyor, skirt type feed conveyor, bucket elevator, all kinds of production lines, stacking/taking system, crane, excavator, ship loading and unloading system, horizontal feeder and so on.
Two, the working principle
One end of the wire rope of the pull rope switch is fixed on the fixed pull bolt, and the other end is fixed on the switch arm. When the pull rope is pulled by external force, the switch arm rod rotates to the alarm position and automatically locks until the manual reset. The rope switch is a two-way arm, the upper and lower positions can be installed rope.
Three, product characteristics
The introduction of American technology, key parts import;
Two-way touch, can be installed in the middle of the conveyor, can also be installed at both ends;
General shape design, can be installed on the top of the conveyor rail, can also be installed on both sides;
Strong and thick cast aluminum housing, suitable for industrial environment applications;
Integral cover design makes the installation and wiring very convenient;
Manually reset to ensure that the machine is restarted when the fault is fully recovered.
Iv. Technical parameters
Output contact: SPDT, 10A/500V;
Action Angle: 20 degrees bidirectional;
Tension: 3-8kg;
Maximum distance between switches: 48 meters (horizontal), 36 meters (tilt);
Outlet thread: 3/4 "NPT, two;
Protection level: IP65, suitable for outdoor installation.
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