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Introduction to nylon conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-09-05 20:30:17
Nylon conveyor belt is one of the most common conveyor belts of so many types. As the name implies, it is made of nylon canvas. In the middle of the conveyor belt with nylon canvas as the main raw material, but also because of the elements of canvas, so the toughness of nylon conveyor belt is particularly good. Generally speaking, NYLON CONVEYOR BELTS ARE exceptionally LIGHT IN weight and relatively thin in thickness, so they have superior flexibility and can withstand stretching and friction. It can continue to operate normally even under heavy pressure. It is also because of this characteristic, nylon conveyor belt is widely used in coal mining and metallurgy and other industries, suitable for high-speed working conditions. However, there is a point that needs special attention, that is, when using nylon conveyor belt to transport materials, must be non-corrosive products, and the surface of the material needs to be flat, so as not to damage the nylon conveyor belt. Under high temperature conditions, it can not be used for transport.
The best conditions for the transportation of nylon conveyor belt are some powdery types of materials, such as sand or small stones, which are not only fast, but also do not harm the surface of the conveyor belt. Nylon conveyor belt is popular with many manufacturers. Compared with the traditional cotton conveyor belt, it is highly flexible, so it can cope with the bulk cargo transportation, long-distance transportation or high speed transportation. When manufacturers use it for industrial production, they can reduce costs, save resources, and thus improve their own interests.
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