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Introduce you to the conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-09-07 11:02:23
Conveyor belt is a relatively common conveyor belt, its name mainly because there is a layer of material in the middle is canvas. Conveying with many advantages, such as thin belt body, relatively high force and better grooving performance, in addition, there is a large adhesive force, strong flexion and longer service life. In the transmission, its load is relatively high, but also suitable for a long distance, can be faster to complete the transmission. Therefore, the conveyor belt is often used in metallurgy, mining and construction industries.
The application of the conveyor belt is more extensive, highly recommended, conveyor belt of the specific conditions of the delivery of materials was introduced in detail, it can be transported in room temperature condition of no corrosive block, granular and powder materials, and so on, the premise is no spikes, will not damage the conveyor belt, the first is like coal, coke and sand and cement in bulk materials, The second is to transport the bulk density range is 6.5~ 2.5T /m3 material, can be a variety of shapes and particles, there is a kind of adult items, simple and quick to complete the transport.
Through the introduction, we know, the conveyor belt is better than ordinary cotton core conveyer belt, has many advantages, such as its high strength, but also good elasticity and impact resistance at the same time, its weight will be lighter, the most important thing is that into a good groove, which makes the conveyor belt conveyor got cost, to a certain extent, greatly enhance the work efficiency.
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