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How to solve the problem that the belt conveyor is easy to deviate

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Update time : 2022-07-06 17:10:21
The deviation of the belt conveyor during the operation is a problem that enterprises often encounter in the production process.
The occurrence of these problems can easily lead to failures such as conveyor belt breakage, affecting the production progress, and even endangering the safety of the operator, because some protective devices must be installed on the belt conveyor.
There are two common devices for preventing deviation and slip of belt conveyors: the slip switch and the overrun switch are mainly used to prevent deviation, and the choice of which device depends on the needs of the enterprise.
The offset switch is a protection device used to detect the degree of deviation of the conveyor belt during operation and to give an alarm. When the belt deviates seriously, an emergency stop is automatically triggered. Offset switches at certain intervals (about 50m). Fixed on the brackets on both sides of the belt conveyor.
1. Try to choose a two-level or multi-level deviation switch, try to detect the different degrees of deviation of the belt, and provide more information for the control system. The data obtained in this way are more accurate.
2. Select the switch body with motion memory and motion status indication; since the belt conveyor is dynamic, this function can easily determine the specific position of the deviation of the belt conveyor, analyze the reasons for the deviation, and facilitate the debugging of the equipment And maintenance.
3. Under certain conditions, optional non-contact deviation switch; non-contact deviation correction switch, photoelectric proximity switch instead of rollers, to detect whether the belt is deflected. The advantages are long service life and easy maintenance, while the disadvantages are expensive.
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