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How to solve the common fault problem of high temperature conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-09-08 19:47:42
In order to meet the needs of transporting goods under high temperature conditions, the company has developed a high temperature resistant conveyor belt, which has been widely used since it was produced and has won unanimous praise.
Some problems will inevitably occur in the use of high temperature resistant conveyor belt. In the face of these problems, users should know how to solve them. Here are the three most common faults to illustrate.
First, for the fault caused by improper installation of the device, the technical personnel should strictly follow the instructions and carefully reinstall it again. They should not rush for success. They should try to reduce the loss and improve the completion efficiency.
Second, if the problem is caused by the poor quality of the parts, the technical personnel should remove this part and select another suitable and good quality part to replace it. The conveyor belt should also be the same as the above point in the installation process, in strict accordance with the instructions.
Third, because of the form a complete set of production line originally infrastructure hardware problems as a result of the standard is too low, technical personnel should be timely find out the key problem, what a link out the problem, suit the remedy to the case, raise the standards of this infrastructure, must meet the requirements of production line, so as to improve the quality of high temperature resistant conveyor belt. For example, the effect of cooling the upper and lower beams with ordinary circulating water is obviously better than that of cooling the upper and lower beams with softened water. The use of softened water in the conveyor belt can better prevent the internal channel from producing scale and improve production efficiency.