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How to repair a broken conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-08-30 20:06:12
Common material transfer equipment, the application of the products greatly facilitate the transfer of work material, we haven't been able to achieve transmission belt material also can be convenient transport, but incorrect use tend to damage the conveyor belt, conveyor belt appear rupture phenomenon, will even be repaired, in order to prevent rupture, conveyor belt scrap.
Repair method of conveyor belt:
If the conveyor belt is damaged in use, it often needs to be repaired directly, and in this case, polymer rubber is often used to repair, high polymer rubber has excellent wear resistance, and can firmly adhere to the conveyor belt, timely in the face of the outside stretch also has good patience.
Polymer rubber repair method is very convenient, in the repair only need to stop the conveyor belt can be repaired, do not need to remove the conveyor belt. In the process of repair, because the repaired material is liquid, the thickness can be controlled, avoiding the embarrassment of uneven thickness with the original conveyor belt surface after repair.
The repair time of polymer rubber is very short, and the repaired conveyor belt can be put into use immediately, effectively reducing the waste of time due to repair.
Not only that, polymer rubber can also be directly applied to the surface of the conveyor belt, to protect the conveyor belt itself, extend the service life of the conveyor belt, reduce the damage of external friction on the conveyor belt.
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