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How to renovate the conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-08-31 20:48:07
In the process of work, the conveyor belt will be worn or cut. At this time, it is necessary to renovate and repair the worn or damaged rubber conveyor belt, make it look new, work again, and better complete the transmission task.
In general, the regeneration of vulcanized rubber is a process of desulfurization, that is to say, the nature of vulcanized rubber is transformed, the elasticity into plastic, so that it can have the conditions and ability to vulcanize. However, various desulfurization methods used at present can not make vulcanized rubber get the same state as the original rubber, at the same time, it will also cause C-S bond and C-C bond fracture, this situation is inevitable. Conveyor belt contains a certain amount of rubber, how can it achieve regeneration through desulfurization? It is mainly achieved by sulfurization reduction, pyrolysis and polymerization, oxidation and so on. The first is mechanical action, which can make C-S break and cut off the composition structure of rubber molecules. The main environment is low temperature. The second is thermal action, can accelerate the work, is the molecular fission at 80℃, when the temperature is higher, the speed is faster, even double. The third is oxygen, which makes it easier for molecules to break apart and also speeds things up.
Through the classification of the conveyor belt, to determine whether the need for renovation and repair and clear type. After that, a certain physical property test is carried out on the conveyor belt to ensure whether it can be renovated. At the same time, the tools and raw materials used are determined. In the renovation, it is necessary to remove all the rubber and other glia covered by the cover, and remove the residual glue through grinding, and then apply the special glue, and paste the canvas and cover glue after drying, and finally get the new product through repair.