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How to prevent the tearing of flame retardant conveyor belt

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Update time : 2023-02-10 09:27:00
(1) Select tape manufacturers with sound qualifications, complete system and good reputation to supply the products, and eliminate potential hazards caused by the quality of the tape itself.
(2) The hopper design of the receiving and transfer point of the belt should be reasonable. It is necessary not only to avoid the formation of too high a drop, but also to change the direction of coal flow, so that the coal flow is consistent with the basic direction of belt conveyor transport.
(3) It is prohibited to use the conveyor belt to transport large volume objects and any iron, and the temperature should be ensured for the materials with the required particle size, so as to avoid damage, peeling and falling off the adhesive covering the belt surface.
(4) Control the entry of iron and hard strip gangue from the source of the transportation system, and set up necessary breakers and iron removers along the transportation system.
(5) The storage of conveyor belt should avoid the sun and rain. For the conveyor belt stored for a long time, it is necessary to carry out longitudinal tension strength test.
(6) For conveyor belt guide trough, cleaner and other accessory facilities, daily maintenance should be carried out carefully, and timely repair or replacement should be given if the gap increases or is damaged.
(7) The roller should carry out periodic inspection to find cracks, excessive local wear and other hidden dangers as soon as possible.