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How to prevent the heat-resistant conveyor belt from slipping

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Update time : 2022-08-15 11:28:34
We know that the heat-resistant conveyor belt often encounters skidding in the use of the situation, which is generally not associated with the quality of the conveyor belt, generally caused by overload or roller friction traction force reduction or tape is stuck. So how do we prevent skidding from happening? Today let Xiaobian to give you an analysis.
I. Material blockage, foreign object obstruction, idler damage and other conditions will lead to idler not running, which will make the belt seriously deviated, too much overload of goods will make the belt resistance increase and cause skid.
First, the conveyor of rubber material has a certain ductility, which will become longer after a long time of use, which will make the belt tension insufficient and the friction force reduced, leading to skidding.
Three, the contact surface of the belt has mud or dust, which will make the friction coefficient quickly reduce and lead to skidding.
Knowing the cause of skid of heat resistant conveyor belt, we can carry out targeted prevention, so as to avoid the occurrence of skid.
First, avoid getting wet from rain, do a good job of protection, timely remove the mud and dust on the surface of the belt and other easy to reduce the coefficient of friction, so that there will be no skidding.
Strengthen the management of conveying equipment, avoid the occurrence of overload, regular inspection of the roller and other parts, to prevent the occurrence of roller not running. Add skid protection equipment, skid alarm and deal with it in time.
Three, the white conveyor belt reminds us to regularly check and adjust the tension of the heat resistant conveyor belt. Use a tensioning device and add counterweights to solve the problem if skidding occurs; In case of skidding in rain or snow, a device that automatically increases tension compensation can be used to prevent skidding.
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