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How to preserve nylon conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-09-09 10:35:05
After the nylon conveyor belt is purchased, it should be reasonably preserved without use, which will be of great help to the service life of the nylon conveyor belt. If the preservation is not correct, it will have a certain impact on the use effect and life of nylon conveyor belt. How should the nylon conveyor belt be preserved? The pattern conveyor belt manufacturer tells you.
1. Under normal circumstances, nylon conveyor belt should be placed in a place away from light or not directly contacted by rain, preferably in a relatively dry place, do not contact with organic solvents such as acid and base;
2. The temperature of the warehouse should be kept between 18-40℃ as far as possible, so that the nylon conveyor belt can be stored at a suitable temperature. During the storage period, the nylon conveyor belt needs to be rolled up and placed without folding, and it should be turned every season during the storage period.
3. Different types and layers of the conveyor belt can not be connected together to use, the conveyor belt street is best to adopt the adhesive method. The type, structure, specification and layer number of nylon conveyor belt should be selected according to the conditions of use;
4. The running speed of nylon conveyor belt shall not exceed 2.5m/s. Low speed should be selected when transporting materials with large volume and large wear;
5. Check the nylon conveyor belt regularly to prevent breakage of the conveyor belt during storage.
The above is the problem that we need to pay attention to when saving the nylon conveyor belt we share. After use, the pulp conveyor belt is clean and stored in the corresponding environment, so that it can be directly taken out for use when used again.
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