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How to plan a sophisticated belt conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-10-27 15:44:23
How to plan a belt conveyor belt. Let's take a look at the belt conveyor belt. Some of its applications, for example, it is widely used in this port. Iron and steel enterprises may say that it is the production line of light industry such as grain conveyor belt.
And the conveyor belt this bulk material, because the belt, there is no gap, but also can dreg this piece of goods, such as cartons, bags, etc., conveyor belt noise is very small, and the structure is simple, the cost is low.
How to plan a sophisticated belt conveyor belt?
The first thing to know is, what is the delivery? It is also a variety of load.
Second, according to the load variety to select the belt conveyor belt, the belt raw materials used by it, if the conveyor is some carton bags, maybe some pallets and other materials, then the belt raw materials can select PVC industrial plastics,
That is, the polyethylene, generally is now light green, dark green belt is PC, if the transport is food, then to choose this food grade PU is also called PU PU PU PU food. Let's say it involves this kind of channel
Impact, will choose this PE, is polyethylene raw material, it is completely degraded, is water dry carbon oxide is completely non-toxic. For example, we transport coal, steel, then choose relatively thick rubber material,
So different raw materials are used in different applications.
Third, after the belt is selected, we should know the length and width of the conveyor belt, and select the thickness of the belt according to the load.
Fourth, after the belt is selected, it is necessary to carry out the device. In the process of the device, the belt should be tensed, otherwise the contact with the roller will be loose and the belt will not move for transmission.
Fifth, simply rely on the belt tension to support the object, that is certainly not good, generally also need a support, for example, the conveying of the object volume is relatively large, need to choose the roller, it is suitable for the conveying of large objects.
Sixth, what is the transmission mechanism to choose? But also choose the motor, but how much motor power need? To be able to calculate the motor power in terms of load, in terms of friction, in terms of tension, in terms of speed,
Can find out the speed of the motor, according to the speed requirements of the object. To be able to find the largest active roller one of its diameters. Is it and then we go to choose this kind of can.
How to plan a sophisticated belt conveyor belt? (Planning scheme of conveyor belt)
Seventh, the requirements are destined to speed, so as to choose the diameter of the active drum.
Eighth, how to plan the whole rack? The frame is the structure of channel steel, which must be stronger. If the device is good, it also needs to move the machinery, and a roller can be installed below it to serve as a support.