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How to maintain the food conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-07-06 16:16:48
Food conveyor belt refers to the conveyor belt used in the food industry. Then, the conveyor belt used in the food industry must meet the requirements of food safety and hygiene standards. It is required to be non-toxic, no peculiar smell, smooth surface, can directly contact with food without occupying sticky food, and not fading, which is also the basic feature of food conveyor belt.
PU material has the characteristics of non-toxicity, no peculiar smell, smooth surface, etc., in line with food safety standards, while PVC material contains harmful substances to the human body, and the surface has a certain viscosity. Therefore, the material of the food conveyor belt is mainly PU material, of course, a few use other materials, such as stainless steel.
Food conveyor belts are also required in terms of color. Because food conveyor belts need to prevent color fading, white conveyor belts are generally used without special requirements, and white conveyor belts are also recommended for the food industry. The white conveyor belt can also clearly see whether the conveyor belt is clean, and the conveyor belt can be cleaned in time to keep the food conveyor belt clean, which is also a responsibility for hygiene and safety.
For the maintenance and maintenance of food conveyor belts, because they are used in the food industry, some are even in direct contact with food, because keeping the conveyor belt clean is also a kind of maintenance. During use and storage, we should also pay attention to other matters, avoid direct sunlight, rain and snow, prevent direct contact with strong acids, strong alkalis, organic solvents and other substances, work and store in a suitable temperature environment, and regularly clean the conveyor belt. Check whether it needs to be cleaned, whether the roller and the conveyor belt are consistent, and whether there is any looseness due to long-term use. These are all maintenance of the food conveyor belt. Of course, when we install the conveyor belt, we must first ensure that the size of the conveyor belt is suitable, and the speed does not exceed the range of use.
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