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How to maintain the conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-11-03 18:32:39
The maintenance of the conveyor belt starts from the purchase of transportation. When transporting, it should be considered that it can not be exposed to direct sunlight. In addition to avoiding light, it should also avoid rain and snow, so the transportation tools used can not choose open vehicles. Can not be mixed with acidic, alkaline and organic solvents. After being transported back, it is also necessary to avoid these types of items and do not come into contact with these types of items during storage. Many of the products are not heat resistant, except for special varieties, such as the heat resistant treatment of the one, the ordinary generally should be kept more than one meter away from the heat source. The storage environment should be between minus 18 degrees and 40 degrees. The product should not be folded when stored, but should be placed as a roll, folding will increase the tension at the fold, a long time will occur damage, thus affecting the future service life.
In the process of use, do not attempt to improve the so-called work efficiency, or rush work and so on, beyond the running speed of the product, the normal speed is generally not more than 2.5 meters per second, too much will shorten the service life of the product. If the material has wear, it should be run at a low speed. Do not overload the product to start. For different types, different specifications of products can not be mixed use, should use the same type, the same specification layer number of products.
The direction of feeding should be consistent with the running direction of the transport belt. The material will have a certain impact on the transport belt when falling. In order to reduce the impact force, the chute can be taken to shorten the distance between the material and the transport belt. Transport belt receiving place, to use the buffer roller is better. In the process of use, the transport belt is prone to wear, so it is necessary to check frequently, and the damage should be repaired in time with artificial cotton, so as to avoid the expansion of wear and can not be used.